Golden Eagle Security

Innovating The Future Of Security

Comprehensive security solutions & trusted.

Golden Eagle Security offers comprehensive security solutions to protect your data, assets, and people. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to staying ahead of potential threats and providing reliable and effective security services. Trust us for the highest level of protection.


Innovating The Future Of Security

Golden Eagle Security, we take your requirements very seriously; ensuring we can deliver the right solution that works for you. We work hard to ensure that our security operatives can effectively assimilate with your company’s culture and current procedures.



Golden Eagle Security provides personalized service with experienced and friendly professionals. We prioritize customer satisfaction, tailoring solutions to meet unique requirements. Our staff undergoes regular assessments and training, assimilating with your culture and procedures. We carry comprehensive insurance and required licenses and certifications.



Golden Eagle Security is a Sydney-based security company with experienced and friendly professionals. They prioritize personalized service, competitive rates, and customer satisfaction to complete projects on schedule. They allocate the right-fit guard for each facility and heavily focus on training for high levels of customer service.

Golden Eagle Security uses Deputy as one of its main systems for scheduling security guards for rostering, and handling invoicing.

Whether you need temporary, one-day cover, or long-term solution, we have trusted manpower to deliver.

What We Offer In Our Services ?

We are proud to offer a complete range of security services throughout Sydney, delivered by our team of fully licensed and insured operatives

Crowd Control

Expert Crowd Control Services for Safe and Successful Events.

Retail Security

Passionate Security Management for Safe and Secure Shopping Centers.

Security Management

End-to-End Security Risk Management Services for Your Business.

Railway Security

Specialized Security Services for NSW Railway Construction Projects.

Construction Security

Setting the Standard in Construction Security and Contract Management.

Concierge Security

Enhance Your Visitors' Experience with our Concierge and Security Staff

CCTV Video Surveillance

Complete Integrated Security Solutions for Access-Controlled Buildings.

Why Choose Us?

Security with the personal touch

Tailor made packages to fit your budget

Highest level of professionalism

Strong client relationships

How Our Online Security Services Work

Streamlined Security Guard Scheduling and Invoicing with Deputy.

Efficient Scheduling

Streamline Security Guard Scheduling with App-Based Shift Management.

Wage & Hour Compliance

Mitigate Compliance Risks with Automated Security Guard Management.

Time & Attendance Tracking

Effortlessly Monitor Security Guard Attendance and Hours for Accurate Payroll.

All-in-one Employee App

Empower Security Guards with Seamless Self-Service Scheduling and Shift Swaps.


The Village Hotel .

Fahde & Dino are absolutely legends to work with! Always providing a professional service at the Village Hotel. Highly recommended.

Tates Hotel Windsor .

I highly recommend Golden Eagle security for their exceptional professionalism and top-notch service, with sincere gratitude to Fahde.

Laura Koteski .

Excellent responsive service by the Golden Eagle Security team. Thankyou for providing the avenue superior service. Highly recommended.

More Codfish .

Fahde did a great job, was friendly and easy to work with. 5 stars!

Syed Amir Amin .

Punctual and Professional company. Plenty of guards available.

johnny chang .

Great service, quality guards, professionalism, Highly recommended.

Jurassic park .

Thank you Golden Eagle security, very professional and great service. Highly recommend them. Thanks Fahde


Contact security involves protecting personal and sensitive information by limiting access to authorized individuals and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. This can be achieved through measures such as secure communication channels, encryption, access controls, regular security audits, and employee training programs.

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